It is a standard designed to create HD wallets, aka, wallets that create multiple keys from a single seed phrase.

Jul 8, 2022 · Fortunately, Trust Wallet presents a 12-word recovery phrase you can use on the site to help you. May 23, 2023 · Hi @Kyptoustad What’s your Trust Wallet version ? Heads up! Please be informed that we will never ask for your seed phrase or money; talk to you via email, WhatsApp, Telegram, or other platforms.


If your device is lost, damaged or stolen, you can use your recovery phrase to restore access to your entire wallet.

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Tick [I understand the risks] and tap on [CONTINUE]. Never share your 24-word recovery phrase with anyone, never enter it on any website or software, even if it looks like it's from Ledger. .

Trust Wallet may ask you to authenticate your request, so just follow as instructed. .

Jan 29, 2023 · One of these features is BIP39 (short for Bitcoin Improvement Proposal: 39).


Select the 3-dot icon next to the wallet you want to find its recovery phrase. Feb 6, 2023 · Launch the Trust Wallet app on your phone.

Only keep the recovery phrase as a physical paper or metal backup, never create a digital copy in text or photo form. As its code is written in the native languages of each platform—iOS Swift and Android’s Java—it is also compatible with Android-powered smartphones.

The recovery phrase is the master key for all your assets.
With it, an attacker can generate a new private key and thus gain access to the victim’s wallet.

Dec 24, 2022 · Step 4: Continue by tapping on the wallet’s “Show Recovery Phrase” button.

Tap on the Settings icon.

Trust Wallet may ask you to authenticate your request, so just follow as instructed. It gives you the right to your assets, and with that comes the obligation to take good care of them. .

You can also write this down somewhere safe since we will be using it to generate the private key. Open your Trust Wallet and go the Settings page: Click on Wallets: Now you see all the wallets that you currently have on Trust Wallet; click on the exclamation mark beside the name of the wallet. . Get the Trust Wallet app now! Buy, store, collect NFTs, exchange & earn crypto. Every wallet seed is made up of 12 or 24 words. Feb 1, 2021 · Hi there, I’m having a problem when trying to extract my Bitcoin Private Key on Trust wallet.

Tap on [Show Recovery Phrase].

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In the photo below, you’ll see two options: Show Recovery Phrase and Export Account Public Keys.

This means you should protect the former from prying eyes and ears as.

December 27, 2021.


Jan 5, 2023 · Initialize or import seed phrase.